Legislative Agenda

"Changing the Way Monterey County Does Business"

Since the day I was sworn in in 2009, I have devoted my time on the Board of Supervisors to listening to YOUR needs – and striving to make county government as responsive, transparent and effective as possible. I am proud to champion YOUR interests, not special interests – and together we have changed the way the County does business:

➢I am the first Supervisor to hold regular community meetings to review Board of Supervisors agendas and discuss issues with residents – over 200 community meetings so far!

➢I championed and increased public access and government transparency by requiring the County to put the Board of Supervisors agenda on the County website

➢Monterey County must get its fair share. I increased public participation in the development

of the County Legislative Platform, which sets priorities for State and Federal resources coming into Monterey County

➢I advocated for and successfully implemented an annual process that for the first time, requires performance reviews for departments and top County staff, increasing accountability and ensuring priorities and goals are on track – and taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

Being accessible allows me to listen to you, know the issues, roll up my sleeves and fight for what we care about!

Gang and Youth Violence Prevention

I have made it a priority to work for viable, proven solutions to reduce gang and youth violence in Monterey County, including successfully helping to secure federal resources aimed at reducing violence and rebuilding communities. I believe in a hands-on approach to reducing and preventing crime in our communities. As Supervisor, I have:

➢Served as a founding member of the Community Alliance for Safety and Peace (CASP) and

successfully secured federal resources for Salinas, which was selected as one of only eight cities nationwide to receive funding from a

White House initiative aimed at preventing youth violence and rebuilding communities.

➢Helped steer over $1 million in State funding to the Seaside Youth Violence Prevention Group

➢Supported the Marina Teen Center that serves about 400 students daily and has helped reduce truancy in Marina schools in partnership with the Marina Police Department and the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District.

➢Secured funding for the Monterey County Gang Violence Prevention Initiative that will identify and address root causes of gang violence in collaboration with the community

➢Promoted local criminal justice measures that resulted in pretrial reforms, increased public safety and decreased costs to taxpayers.

Strengthening Our Economy and Increasing Jobs

The Board of Supervisors created an Economic Development Committee to promote new and expanded job opportunities by building on our existing economic strengths and regional assets. We must work with cities and other agencies to create more permanent, year-round jobs with livable wages. We need economic growth that preserves our quality of life and protects our natural resources that are a critical to our economic vitality and employ over 22,000 people in the County.

As Supervisor I have:

➢Strengthened County local hiring policy to increase local job opportunities on County-funded projects

Saved funding for the Seaside One-Stop Center, a County career and referral service that was in danger of being cut from the County budget

➢Secured the selection of Salinas, Marina, and Seaside for Early Childhood Development funding that builds a skilled, educated workforce qualified for 21st century jobs

➢Increased employment in health care with the designation of Natividad Medical Center as a level two Trauma Center

I will continue to work to expand our economic vitality and local job creation in the County.

Protecting the Natural Beauty, Water and Wildlife of Monterey County

Our County’s natural beauty, water and wildlife contribute to our quality of life and the economic vitality of our area – including tourism and other economic drivers. Tourism is a 2.3 billion dollar industry. I have and will continue to advocate for protecting our County’s natural resources and open spaces. As Supervisor, I have:

➢Created the first-ever Alternative Energy and Environment sub-committee on the Board of Supervisors to oversee County efforts to protect natural resources and decrease harmful emissions in the environment

➢Worked with a regional coalition to promote and bring resources to Monterey County for green infrastructure

➢Ensured the County prioritizes and funds sustainability management

➢ Led efforts to create and pass a County Green Building Policy

➢Built coalitions to successfully oversee and implement the Community Climate Action Plan to reduce green gas emissions and protect our local health and natural resources

Committee Assignments

In January of each year, the incoming Chair of the Board of Supervisors recommends approval of appointments of Board members to various Ad Hoc Board Committees, Standing Board Committees, and other Agencies, Joint Power Authorities and Miscellaneous Appointments. Appointed Supervisors will serve on these committees for one year or until a successor is appointed. Supervisor Jane Parker has been appointed to represent the County with the following committee assignments for 2019.

Board Standing Committees:

As defined by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, Board Standing Committees deal with issues of ongoing significance, and are subject to the Brown Act open meeting laws. Alternative Energy and the Environment CommitteeBudget CommitteeFort Ord CommitteeHuman Resources CommitteeBoard Ad Hoc Committees:Natividad Medical Center Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee

Agencies, JPA’s, and Miscellaneous Committees:

These bodies are created pursuant to State statute, by the Board of Supervisors or in cooperation with another public entity. Appointment of a Board member is made based on State statute, multi-agency cooperative agreement, or the Board of Supervisors has been asked to assign one or more of its members to sit on a particular committee or Board. These agencies, boards and committees always consist of other members beyond or in addition to the Monterey County Board of Supervisor appointments. They may or may not be subject to the Brown Act open meeting laws, depending on how they are constituted and/or created.

AMBAG – Assn of Monterey Bay Area Governments Board of Directors (alternate)

Children’s Council of Monterey County

Local Agency Formation Commission (Alternate)

Central Coast Community Energy (Formally Monterey Bay Community Power)

Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District Board of Directors

Monterey Regional Waste Management Board of Directors

Monterey One Water (alternate)

CCAH – Central California Alliance for Health – Santa Cruz/Monterey/Merced Managed Medical Care Commission

Seaside Groundwater Basin Watermaster Board of Directors (alternate)

TAMC - Transportation Agency for Monterey County Board of Directors