East Garrison Advisory Committee

An opportunity to serve your community….
Are you interested in serving on the Advisory Committee for the East Garrison Community Service District? If yes, please submit a statement of interest to the Office of Supervisor Jane Parker by December 15th to be considered for several appointments in January. The Advisory Committee provides an opportunity for East Garrison residents to interact with County staff on management of the CSD budget and related matters.
When you submit your statement of interest, please detail any familiarity/experience with public agencies, public facilities, working in team settings, working with the public, and budgets. Resumes are not expected or required to be considered for appointment, but may be provided if helpful. You may email us at Jane.Parker@co.monterey.ca.us or mail to: Office of Supervisor Jane Parker, 2616 First Avenue, Marina, CA 93933.
Need More Information?
The Advisory Committee was created by the County at the request of Supervisor Jane Parker, and is subject to public meeting laws and operates based on a set of bylaws adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Per the bylaws, there are 5 members, plus 3 alternates who are available to fill in at a meeting when someone cannot attend. Terms are 3 years in length. The Advisory Committee meets every other month, plus special meetings as needed. The schedule of meetings is determined by the Committee members at the beginning of each calendar year. Meetings run about 2-4 hours and involve detailed discussions on the expenses of the Community Services District. The next meeting is Tuesday November 19th at 6 p.m., at the East Garrison Fire Station Community Room. We encourage you to attend if you are considering applying to serve and have not yet attended a meeting. Committee members are responsible for reading meeting materials prior to the meeting and engaging in constructive dialog with staff, as well as receiving input from residents who attend meetings and provide public comment. County staff provide support for the meetings and are responsible for conveying the recommendations of the Advisory Committee to the Board of Supervisors.
Who runs the East Garrison Community Services District?
The Monterey County Board of Supervisors serves as the Board of the East Garrison Community Services District.  Those meeting agendas are posted on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors meeting agendas’ page. The County website address is:
You can also request to be placed on the list of persons to receive an electronic copy of the agenda for the EGCSD, by contacting Special Districts Management Analyst Bryan Flores, at FloresB1@co.monterey.ca.us. The EGCSD is just one of dozens of community services districts that are overseen by the County.
What is the difference between the Community Services District and the Homeowners Association?
The EGCSD and the HOA are each responsible for certain aspects of the community. The areas of responsibility are divided as follows:
CFD Special Tax/CSD: East Garrison Perimeter Roads (Public); Drainage, Stormwater and Flood Control Systems in Public Right of Ways or Easements; Lincoln Park and Open Space; Neighborhood Parks; Sheriff’s Protection.
HOA Fees: Front Yards of Private Homeowner Property; Private Roadways; Transit Services; Entry Statement; Drainage and Stormwater Systems in Private Rights of Way or Easements.
The EGCSD is a separate entity from the HOA, therefore the Advisory Committee does not get involved in areas of HOA responsibility, but the two entities have a shared interest in the smooth operations of the community and may coordinate where feasible for the betterment of the community.