The Scholarship

The purpose of this Scholarship is to recognize graduating seniors from the fourth

Supervisorial District (the fourth district includes the cities of Seaside, Marina, Del Rey Oaks,

a portion of southwest Salinas) who are instigators of excellence in their community.



Candidates for this Scholarship must meet the following qualifications:

  • Graduating High School Senior.
  • Reside within the District 4 Supervisorial boundary.
  • Planning to continue education at an accredited community college, college, or university.


Additional consideration will be given to candidates who meet the following qualifications:

  • Students who have overcome adversity or major obstacles in order to succeed.
  • Students who have served in an elected position during their High School career.
  • Students who have worked to make their community a better place through their

 employment or volunteer efforts.

  • Students who are engaged in local government, by attending and speaking at

public meetings, writing letters to the editor, or serving on a volunteer government


  • Students who are planning to attend Monterey Peninsula College or Hartnell College.



A scholarship of $500 will be awarded



Recipients are selected without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, handicap,

 or national origin. Applicants will be reviewed by a committee selected by Supervisor Jane Parker.

 Please direct any questions to


Complete application packets must be received on or before May 1 via

 email to or via USPS to 2616 First Street, Marina CA 93933.











I. Candidate Information

Full Name:_____________________________________________________________

Phone: (_____) _______-__________

Alternate Phone: (_____) ______-________

Email Address: _____________________________________________

Home Address: _____________________________________________

II. Academic Background/ Plans

High School:

GPA (9-12):

College or University planning to attend:

Prospective Major and/or career plans:  

III. Instigating Excellence

Please attach a one page resume highlighting the ways in which you’ve been an instigator

of excellence at your school, in your community, and with your family.

IV. Short Answers

Please tell us why you should be considered for this scholarship. Please explain any

special circumstances or share extra information that the scholarship committee should be

aware of.


VI. Letters of Recommendation

Please provide two letters of recommendation to be forwarded with your application.

In submitting this application, I certify that the information provided is complete and

accurate to the best of my knowledge, and that the work shown is my own.

Signature: _____________________ Date: __________________


Complete application packets must be received on or before May 15 via email

to or via USPS to 2616 First Street, Marina CA 93933.