Violence Prevention


Youth and gang violence are serious issues facing Monterey County. The casualties of this violence extend far beyond the immediate victims and innocent bystanders and include the young people whose lives are forever altered by their involvement in illegal activity.

The Community Alliance for Safety and Peace (CASP) was formed as a coalition of organizations and leaders determined to address the root causes of violence through a coordinated and sustained strategy of prevention, intervention, suppression, and reentry. Supervisors Jane Parker and Fernando Armenta represent the Board of Supervisors at the twice-monthly 7am CASP meetings. Jane led CASP in the effort to respond to a request by Congressman Sam Farr for a comprehensive Framework for Safety and Peace that ultimately resulted in the selection of Salinas, as one of 8 cities nationwide, by the White House for special assistance in reducing violence and rebuilding a peaceful community.

Part of what makes CASP so special is that it is focused on violence prevention. Just as important as being tough on crime, via our Gang Task Force and strategies like Operation Knockout, we must be smart about crime. Prevention is an essential part of any comprehensive, multi-pronged violence reduction strategy that utilizes proven best practices. Because effective prevention requires a host of interlocking social services, it can be cumbersome to administer, track and adjust as needs arise, and evaluate for accountability and success. CASP is unique and effective in bringing together a team of local violence prevention experts to overcome these challenges.

Each and every one of us deserves to feel safe in our homes, on our streets, and in our community.  As Supervisor, Jane will continue to ensure that the County take proactive leadership steps to facilitate collaborative efforts between local government agencies, local non-profits, businesses, and individual community members to create the safe community that we all want and deserve.

To Get Involved: Community Alliance for Safety and Peace meetings are open to the public and held every other Wednesday at 7am at the Salinas City Elementary School District board room.

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