Support for Jane

The Sierra Club California says, “She understands the critical importance of maintaining public access to the coast for all Californians and would be an advocate for lower income and economically disadvantaged persons who are often not able to fully enjoy coastal recreation and scenic values.”

David T. Bates wrote, “Supervisor Parker is a truly independent office holder and politician. She is beholden to no one, has complete integrity and represents no specific agenda except to do what are in the long term best interests of her constituents.”

David Armanasco of Armanasco Public Relations says, “Her frequent constituent town hall meetings (have) earned a reputation for accessibility and an open mind.”

John Bridges Esquire says, “While Supervisor Parker and I do not always agree on every issue, I have found her to be someone willing to listen and learn and to take my perspective into account in her decision making. Jane is someone who is willing to go above and beyond to make sure she hears from her constituents.”

Judge Jonathan Price wrote, “In my 37 years as both an attorney and Supervisor Court Judge I have found few equal to her dedication and commitment. In her tenure as a Monterey County Supervisor she has proven to be an extremely, ethical, concerned, and hardworking Public servant.”

Sara Senger, Elder Law Attorney, says, “Supervisor Parker is a person of principle. She is not swayed by (good) “old boy” politics and stands firmly for the interests of the whole community over the interests of an entrenched few.”

Paul Johnson of Johnson Vineyard Company writes, “I have personally found Supervisor Parker to be someone willing to listen and learn and to take my perspective into account in her decision-making. She is up-front and honest, even in difficult situations. I have found her to be energetic, thoughtful, effective and always engaged on behalf of the public. I know people initially opposed to Jane’s election who later expressed their respect for her and the way she conducts business.”

Elsa Quezada of the Central Coast Center for Independent Living says, “As a long-time social justice advocate and environmental activist, I respect Supervisor Parker’s dedication and commitment to listening to all sides of an issue and making informed decisions. I have had numerous opportunities to witness her ability to work across the table with folks who are seemingly at opposite ends and through her collaborative style, she demonstrates her ability to move folks to agreement.”

Dr Hugo Ferlito of Salud Para La Gente says, “As someone who has worked closely with Supervisor Parker on improving health access to the underserved and uninsured citizens of Monterey County, I can attest to her passion for serving the community. Supervisor Parker has demonstrated the ability to work with diverse groups. She has a long history of working for social justice organizations that recognize the influence of the environment in the health and wellbeing of the community. She is ideally suited and qualified to serve on the Coastal Commission.”

Linda Williams, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Advocates, writes, “While Jane’s unwavering support for environmental sustainability and social justice for women, workers, and LGBTQ youth and adults has justifiably earned her a strongly progressive following, she is also sough out by members of the business community – including some who opposed her elections – when they need a balanced problem solving perspective, through knowledge of the issues and a gift for working with all sides to craft solutions with staying power.”

UNITE HERE Local 483 writes, “It is her well-demonstrated ability to work skillfully with both labor and environmental interests and her vision for protecting the beauty of Monterey County’s coastline while strengthening the economy, that makes Jane especially qualified to represent the Central Coast on the Coastal Commission. We think most qualified.”

Katherine Kneer, CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, writes, “As a womens’ right advocate and former colleague, I respect Supervisor Parker’s dedication and commitment to listening to all sides of an issue and making informed decisions.”

Celia Bosworth writes, “Her term on the Monterey County Board of Supervisors has been very impressive promoting me to say without hesitation that she has been the most successful Supervisor Monterey County has had in my 15 years of residency here.”

Lorraine Yglesias Rice writes, ”I know that the Coastal Commission is a demanding and sometimes contentions place; I am confident that Supervisor Parker will serve as ably there as she does on our local Board of Supervisors.”

Michelle Dillon of Dillon Vineyards says, “All of us take great pride in our incredible California coastline and I can only guess at the complexities of the policies and issues that the Coastal Commission must contend with to protect it. But I can think of no one more suited to take on the responsibilities and the challenges. Jane will be a tremendous asset to the Coastal Commission and its ongoing mission.”

Mike Rotkin, former five-time Mayor of Santa Cruz, writes, “Although she is not from my County (Santa Cruz), I believe that her support for the Coastal Act and her ability to balance environmental and economic development issues would make her an excellent commissioner and able to apply the values and standards of the Coastal Act in a responsible manner. Having seen Supervisor Parker at work on a number of regional issues, I have a great deal of confidence in her values, intelligence, and ability to work with all of the interests in our community.”

Judy Corbett of the Local Government Commission writes, “Jane is someone who goes above and beyond to make sure she hears from her constituents – she is the only Supervisor in Monterey County who regularly holds informal public meetings to review the Boards upcoming agenda and to hear about any issues people have on their mind.”