Downtown Vibrancy Plan Grants to Local Cities

Monterey County Offers Downtown Vibrancy Plan Grants to Local Cities 

It is my pleasure to announce that Monterey County has partnered with Dover, Kohl & Partners Design firm to support local cities and down town business associations in planning economically vibrant downtown centers. The Board of Supervisors approved and is offering a grant program to provide up to $10,000 in matching funds to cities and downtown associations that would like to contract with Dover, Kohl & Associates. 

Dover, Kohl & Associates has a team of world-renowned experts in town-planning, urban design, market analysis, multi-modal transportation planning, sustainable urbanism, and environmental design ready to work with you. They are currently doing a design project for the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, so you may be able to meet some of them in person and check out their local work through the FORA website ( The attached brochure summarizes a number of services, tailored to the $20,000 maximum funding, to meet the specific needs of your community.

Contact your City Manager today and encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity to utilize this 50/50 County funding match to help build a more economically resilient, sustainable, walkable, and livable community.

To apply, cities should submit a brief description of their project, explaining how the project will benefit downtown planning, and the source of City funding for the project to Dave Spaur at the County Office of Economic Development. Please contact Dave at 831-755-5390 or for more information. 

A detailed presentation of the Dover, Kohl, and Associates services offered as part of this County Matching Grant program can be found online at

Jane Parker,
Feb 6, 2015, 10:46 AM